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Masts and Accessories for Banners/Pennants/Flags



Our company provides through its own production the whole range of accessories for the products we make.


We can provide you the whole range of spun glass masts with heights between 4.0 and 18.0 metres, with temporary or permanent installation. The ones with permanent installation need concrete foundation.


The range of temporary masts can be used for exhibitions, car dealerships, marking some commercial locations where the permanent installation of the masts is not possible.

We permanently have on stock various models of props for pennants and flags, starting with simple models until elegant models and that cover any aesthetic requirements.

We have on stock some choice models for spears and spear props for indoors and also for outdoors. For outdoors we have available some constructive alternatives for wall spear props. We can also execute models that can be set up on light poles to decorate the streets on special days.


The spears can be made from wood or metal.

The spun glass masts are executed at high technical standards and can also be made in other colours.

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