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Other Customized Products

Besides the products that made us famous on the publicity market in Romania, our company assimilated into its portfolio new marks for the market profile.

First of all, we make prints on textiles with various applications. We can print on the materials images in polychromy on large surfaces.

We can produce, for example, customized table-cloths, advertising scarves for various events, we can decorate commercial locations, we can make customized bandanas, customized T-shirts, and the list can go on, it is all up to your imagination.

We can also produce customized door rugs, customized carpets and other related items.

  ceasuri personalizate costume carnaval personalizate- esarfa - fular personalizate DUBLA fata cu franjuri- esarfa de dimensiuni mari-policromie-pictura bisericeasca esarfa personalizata TIMISOREANA - esarfa SUPORTER - simpla fata- lanyard personalizat stegulete SCOBITORI reproduceri picturi - panza de pictura - 2- reproduceri picturi - panza de pictura -
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